Il Palazzo del Vignola | Tonino Lamborghini
Palazzo del Vignola | Affresco   Palazzo del Vignola
  In Funo di Argelato, on the quiet Po valley, there is a Renaissance piece of art: the Palazzo del Vignola, a Villa built in the XVI Century by the Italian architect Jacopo Barozzi called “Il Vignola”.
Palazzo del Vignola was the noble country of the Counts Fava, a local family extinguished in the year 1600.
The main hall is characterized by a special loggia, with a very high arched ceiling, which reaches about 11 meters in its highest point. All the rooms have ribbed vaults, which remind the typical Middle-Ages cathedrals. The Palazzo del Vignola is also embellish by some vestiges of Brothers Carracci’ fresco paintings, which testify the historical value of this Palazzo.
Today its elegant rooms are back to life thanks to the passionate restoration of an important name of the Italian style and design, Mr. Tonino Lamborghini.
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Palazzo del Vignola | Jacopo Barozzi   Jacopo Barozzi
  Jacopo Barozzi, called “Il Vignola” from the name of his hometown, is one of the most famous architects of the Italian Renaissance.
His historical prestige is worldwide known thanks to some extraordinarily innovative buildings realized in Rome and in the North of Italy, like: Palazzo Farnese in Piacenza and the one in the town of Caprarola, Villa Giulia and ‘Chiesa del Gesù’ in Rome.
Furthermore Jacopo Barozzi supervised the works in the Saint Petronius Basilica in Bologna and designed its facade. He became also famous thanks to two important books: “La regola delli cinque ordini” (translated in several languages) and “Regole della prospettiva pratica”, posthumous published.
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